Posted on: 19th Jul 2020

Top Polytechnic Colleges in India

A polytechnic college by definition is an institution offering higher education with wide variety of subjects, mostly technical in nature. ‘Poly’ means technique and ‘technic’ is when you learn how to do it and its alternative ways. It aims to applied aspects of education and less on the theoretical side. More students prefer holding polytechnic diplomas after college because of the short duration of courses, practical learning, plenty of job opportunities, and affordable fee structure. Most of the courses in Top polytechnic colleges in India aim to bring out the best in students and motivate them to perform better. Students have a blend of skills and knowledge.

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Some of the important courses in top polytechnic colleges of India comprise of diploma in Civil Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Computer Engineering, Automobile Engineering, fashion engineering, Interior decoration, art and Craft, Ceramic Engineering, Yoga, Banking, industrial Safety, Physical Education and many more.

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Holding a diploma from the top 10 Polytechnic Colleges from India is the best option for those who want to earn while they learn. All the courses as compared to others are affordable. Within two years, you have your diploma certificates. Earning starts immediately after the completion of the diploma. Another benefit is that you can easily change the course of study when you feel like it. Students have more practical knowledge. This helps students to get higher opportunities to get placed in good companies.

A few of the most popular job oriented diploma courses offered by the top 100 polytechnic colleges in India are diploma in Paithani handicraft and modern garments, Yuvodaya, Archives Keeping, Finance and Accounts, Education Technology, Instructional Design. Students get many career opportunities in Government Sector as well as the Private sector.

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They can also study BE/BTech after the completion of the diploma.  The good part is that students get in-depth knowledge and two technical degrees. There are job opportunities for the diploma holders in Indian Railways, State Electricity Board, NTPC, etc.  

Below mentioned are suggestions for top ranking polytechnic colleges in India offering a variety of courses:

Government Polytechnic College-Mumbai

Government Polytechnic College for Women-Ambala

Ambedkar Polytechnic-Delhi

Rajasthan Polytechnic College-Rajasthan

Black Diamond College of Engineering-Orissa

Dei Technical College-Agra

Asansol Institute of Engineering and Management-West Bengal

Kalpana Chawla Government Polytechnic for women-Haryana

 S H Jonathan Polytechnic-Thane

Agnel Polytechnic-Mumba

UP Government Polytechnic Colleges in all Districts

Polytechnic courses are good for gaining professional qualifications straight after class 10th. One reason that students who are diploma holders from top Polytechnic College get a good package is that they get a good quality education.

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Hence it is very important that you must aim for admission in top Polytechnic colleges in India and study well in order to get good jobs during campus placements which most of the good colleges offer. Salary for diploma holders in any kind of departments are-

For Freshers- Rupees 8,000 up to rupees 12,000

On the other hand for the experienced person holding and experience for 2 to 3 years is able to get a minimum of rupees 10,000 raging up to 30,000.  

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