Posted on: 4th Sep 2020

Tips To Keep You Awake While Studying

Yes, to most of us this may seem inevitable. Especially during exams, students feel sleepy and find it hard to stay awake. But you can follow some effective tips to keep you awake while studying. The first tip that tops my list is; Avoid heavy meals: don’t sit immediately to study after a heavy lunch or dinner. It is highly likely that you might feel sleepy after a heavy meal. So take a small nap so that your body and minds get rests and after this, you may start your studies with a refreshed and energetic mind.

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Another factor that contributes to sleepiness while study is you position and place selected to study. Many people prefer to study on their beds to make themselves comfortable. But this results in sleepiness as your mind knows that this is the place where you sleep. So opt for a table or desk while studying. Don’t make yourself too comfortable or you may feel sleepy. And sit in an erect manner; don’t lean over your table. Sitting in an erect position keeps you and your mind alert.

 If sitting in a place becomes uncomfortable, try walking and studying. But remember, only walk and study when you are confident that you can do so. Try to make various subject combinations. Prefer to study theoretical concepts like social studies, science, language, etc in the morning, when your mind is fresh and serves as a good tip to keep you awake while studying. As for practical subjects concerning formulas and numbers like math or science numerical, go for these subjects during the afternoon as it requires your concentration.

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Another useful tip to keep you awake while studying is to read out load while learning instead of just learning it in your mind. Make notes like points or flowcharts while studying mark references and important sections. Through this process, your mind and body take equal efforts and your mind stays awake and alert. The additional advantage that this technique poses is that this points to, flowcharts and highlights making it easy while revising for your exams and helps you learn concepts better.

Always keep a water bottle with you and keep yourself hydrated; this is quite important. Take breaks while studying, don’t make it monotonous. Experts suggest studying for 90mins with full concentrations keeping all kinds of distractions away from you. Then take a 15min break in which you can drink some water, wash your face, do a little stretching, etc. This improves and concentration and helps to study better and keeps you awake.

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Getting proper sleep is important. Yes, it is true that getting good sleep is hard for school or college going students. But make this an important part of your daily schedule. Getting proper sleep during the night keeps your mind awake during the course of the day and helps you to study better and keeps you awake while studying. Keep a consistent time to wake up. Motivate yourself, remind yourself of your targets. Don’t forget to reward yourself once you achieve your target...