Posted on: 9th Aug 2019

Part Time Jobs At Home

Part time jobs at home are a gateway of advanced opportunities. It is less stressful as compared to a full-time job. It gives you better flexibility to work at your convenient hours from the comfort of your home. I strongly recommend part time jobs at home as a great opportunity for stay at home homes. Below mentioned are a few part time jobs suggestions for you :

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Home Tuition or a home tutor.  If teaching has been your passion, you can take part time tuitions for young kids in your area. If you do a little bit of research in your area only finding 10 to 20 students is not a difficult job. Working parents find it hard to find out time for their kids from the study end, so they are constantly looking out for capable teachers to guide their young ones. How to go about it: All you need to do is a little bit of publicity, be it WhatsApp marketing or mouth publicity.

Domestic call center. You can work from your house for the call center’s as they are always looking for people who can answer the queries of their customer. You can choose hours as per your convenience. How to go about it: Just refer to your local newspaper preferably English newspaper and apply with confidence.

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Translator.  You can easily take this as a part time job at home opportunity if you have fluency with other languages. You will just need a computer to do this kind of job.

Jewelry making. This is one of my favorite things that I would like to try my hand on. Handmade jewelry is very popular in India , initially you could try some at home, then try to sell or showcase it at the local store. If they are satisfied you might get more orders. You can try artwork, pottery and painting as well.

Home- made food business. Who doesn’t like home made food, its easy on the pocket and healthy too. Single boys and girls working in companies are always looking for someone to provide them with homemade food specially for lunch. You can start with a few Tiffins, and in no time it will turn to a big number.

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Child day care. Working parents are always looking for good and safe day care for their kids, this could be a good option for you as a part time job at home.

Event planning: Everyone needs choices these days, and it needs to be different. Event planning be a good option, start with small events like anniversary, birthday, engagement. Once you get the momentum to go for big-budget weddings.

Music instructor: If you know how to play an instrument, you can easily devote a few hours and earn well at the convenience of your home…

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Fitness trainer: Starting a yoga club with ladies for an hour or so in the morning and evening can be a good idea to keep yourself and others in good shape and earn well.

Content writer. If you have a flair for research and writing start working as a content writer. You can find enough work from bloggers in your area or small companies.