Posted on: 15th Aug 2020

Interview Tips

So you have a job interview coming up?? Then let’s get you ready for it. Always take out time for Interview preparation. That’s the first key of Interview Tips. The first and foremost thing is to take time to analyze the job, read the job description carefully, assessing yourself first if it’s the right choice for you. Try and gather as much information possible about the company...Going through the ABOUT US page of the company will help you know a lot about it.

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Next important Interview Tip is what I have learned in my professional career is to; use positive words to describe you. Put together correct sentences to describe you, don’t ramble with your words. This is one of the common mistakes candidates make that while being asked to tell something about you, they exaggerate things. Believe me, it will not take long for the interviewer to know that you are just picking on words but mean nothing. Avoiding rambling is how to avoid interview mistakes. One important thing that I always advise is, to be honest at all times, for instance, your interviewer asks if you can do a night shift don’t say yes just for the sake of getting the job, rather excuse yourself from it politely.

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 Never criticize your current or previous employers. Your interviewer will instantly wonder whether you would talk about her and her company if she hired you. Now that’s a good Interview Tip isn’t it!!  Sharing too much personal information is not good as you never know how the person sitting across from you will react to your story. You only get yourself limited if you share more than required personal information.

Wearing formal clothes and the right clothes for an interview makes a lot of difference. You should have interview attire ready to wear at all times. This is another common mistake that many people do by wearing casual clothes for an interview. Be it any kind of job, a person dressed in formal attire always creates a good impression. Wearing neat formal clothes is another way to create an impression and how to avoid interview mistakes.

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Always remember to carry extra copies of your resume. Turn off your cell phone or keep it on silent mode while entering the interviewer’s cabin is another way to show your etiquettes and avoid interview mistakes. Communication goes beyond words. It is important to make eye contact while listening or speaking, offer a firm handshake, and sit with a good posture. Try not to channel your nervousness into fidgeting.  

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Pay attention to what the interviewer is asking and always look interested.  All this helps to create a good impression on your hiring manager. Don’t answer immediately when asked a question; take a few seconds to answer the questions. Try to put yourself in a give and take in conversation, so you are building a relationship with the interviewer. Hope this serves as one of the best Interview Tips. Towards the end of the interview, thank the interviewer and let him know that the job is an excellent fit for you and you are highly interested.