Posted on: 19th Jul 2020

How to prepare Reasoning for Competitive Exams

If you practice daily, reasoning can be one of the most interesting subjects ever. With a little practice a little concentration you can learn reasoning really well…you need to understand the concept first on how you can prepare yourself for Reasoning section. The reasoning is one of the most time-consuming subjects that every student needs to prepare to get a breakthrough in competitive exams.

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Logical mind and concentration will get you through every event and situation. Keep trying new things; it’s a great way to improve reasoning skills. Your mind is like a muscle, it requires exercise and stimulation. Crossword helps your logical side and helps in concentration too. Play games that require reasoning skills. Purchase a rubrics cube and spend time-solving it…

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Food for thought:  Reading fiction helps building for logical reasoning …give it a try…

Practice practice practice…that’s the key mantra of how you can prepare reasoning for competitive exams. Practice improves your ability skills to observe, understand and thinking about the solution, this can help you to take less time to solve a question. Knowing tricks and shortcuts will be very helpful to solve reasoning questions within less than expected time. One of the most important factors in every competitive exam is time. You need to finish your examination within time. Equally important is how fast you can solve the paper within the given time frame. Websites like will help you get success in your examination. Carefully learn these short tricks. You can also download free e-books on reasoning from various websites and then try to solve those reasoning MCQ questions which the tricks you have learned. Shortcut reasoning tricks will help solve your problems in a much faster way.

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While preparing to reason for the competitive exam you might know how important the verbal and logical reasoning sections are. Books are one of the most effective study materials and provide you plenty of practice. The below-mentioned books are highly recommended as they offer a comprehensive approach that helps aspirants to understand and master the skill of reasoning in a better way.

  1. Reasoning tricks shortcuts
  2. Magical book series: analytical reasoning by M.K Pandey.
  3. A modern approach to logical reasoning
  4. The hand on guide to Analytical reasoning and logical reasoning

Students can seek the help of various Websites that provides online learning and practice. These websites have a section for quizzes, logical puzzles, and discussion forums. The websites also help you prepare for interviews and group discussions.  Few best sites suggestions for students to improve reasoning aptitude are mentioned below:


Online video lectures on reasoning can make it quite easy for you to understand the concept. Whenever you are free according to your time and convenience just watch these lectures and try to benefit from it. Solve questions from the previous year, is one of the most effective ways.

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I hope all the above information and tips will be of good use to you and you will excel in how to prepare reasoning for competitive exams.

All the best!!