Posted on: 27th Aug 2020

How To Prepare For Written Tests

Students often think that preparing for a written exam is often considered one of the most stressful time of their student life. Calm your storms dear students you don’t need to stress out; just follow these simple tips which will make you confident and will teach you how to prepare for written tests. Give yourself an early start. This is one of the important rules a topper follows throughout their academic career. Don’t start studying when your exams are just round the corner. You have to give yourself an early start so that you have enough time to cover the entire syllabus which is covered in the class and also enough time to revise.

How to prepare Reasoning for Competitive Exams

Practice your writing skills. Make it a habit of reading newspapers, magazines, and even participating in debates; this lays a good foundation for your writing skills. Keep practicing writing. You will have limited time on your test day, so if you have a good writing practice, it will always give you an advantage. Read thoroughly your entire notes. Never try to mug up the syllabus rather try to understand and then remember it. What happens here is if you try to mug up each and every note and if you miss anything in between, you will have a hard time finishing it. That is why understanding notes are always advisable. This is one of the tips on how to prepare for written tests.

How to Prepare General Knowledge for Competitive Exams

You could also double-check in case you missed any notes so you could borrow it from your friends. Make sure that the notes you have, have got enough studying content in it. It is also advisable to compare your notes with your friends. Read your notes again and again. Studying online is very popular these days with students but the best information comes from the classroom materials. If you are planning to study from information that the internet provides, sources that end with .edu or .gov are quite resourceful. One baby trick is to highlight or underline the important sentences are keywords in your notes.

How to Prepare English for Competitive Exam

Breakdown difficult topics into points and sub-points which will make it easy for you to remember and will increase your level of understanding. Review your syllabus; it is always a good practice to review your syllabus as sometimes you can miss out on some chapters or topics. Reviewing summary which is mentioned at the beginning or at the end of every chapter is normally ignored by students. But if you go through the summary, it will give a good run to your memory to refer to that particular chapter or topic. Re-read important topics in your textbook.  Re-reading or re-visiting important topics, again and again, prints this in your memory and stores it in your brain.

How to Prepare Maths for Competitive Exams

You can keep quizzing yourself till you get wrong answers right.  Do practice questions; this method is helpful especially for subjects like maths. Scientists believe that before the exam day it is very important to have a good night’s sleep to score good results. Two hours prior to your exam just take a good look at the topics and the subtopics. Check and notes and stop studying at least thirty minutes or one hour prior to your exams; so you have enough time to be relaxed. Brain gym exercises suggest that sipping some water before the exam calms your nervousness and anxiety. Hope the above tips will help you and now you very well know how to prepare for the written Test.