Posted on: 3rd Sep 2020

How To Improve Your Memory

I remember one of my wise relative telling me that “I have limited space in my brain, so I store only valuable information in it”. That is the first step towards how to improve your memory power by storing only valuable information. Our brain is like a hard disc where we have limited space. Another example I can give of Sherlock Holmes: who doesn’t know him, he was not able to name all the planets, not because he didn’t attend school, but because he thought that he was too smart to have such irrelevant information in his memory. Funny but it’s true. He purposely deleted all the information he didn’t need, to save his brain from overloading information.

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 All your information is stored in Short Term Memory, not in the Long Term Memory, so if you don’t repeat the information or use it often the chances are you will forget it. Researchers suggest that after one hour of learning we forget more than half of it, this is termed as Forgetting Curve. I can suggest few tips on how to improve your memory; A technique called Spaced Repetition comes in handy here. What happens is if we have to keep the information for long in our brain, we need to store it in Long Term Memory. Forcing your brain to memorize information is never an effective tool. So here is what you should do; Repeat the information as soon as you learn it, the second round of repetition should be after 15 minutes.

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Now let your brain relax. You could do something different. Its now time for the third repetition which should be done after 6 to 8 hours. The final repletion should be after 24 hours.

Try and understand the things you learn, you can build your own mind, make up a story it becomes easier to learn and remember. You could also use a tape recorder to record your notes, and then time to time play them. Do you remember how listening to songs, again and again, it gets stuck to our brain… Similar way playing recorded notes and listening to it over and over again is a good tip on how you can improve your memory.

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Next effective tip I can suggest is Brain Gym exercises; it’s a great way of improving the well being of your brain health. Just as a workout or regular exercise is important for our body, so does our brain require its own workout! A daily dose of brain gym workout rejuvenates your brain making it more effective. Following these exercises regularly improves the working of the brain and improves your memory. The best part is that these brain gym exercises aren’t hard! Following them on regular bases doesn’t only improve memory and function; it also makes you more alert and improves your concentration, listening power and lots more.

Try doing daily activities like opening the door, brushing your teeth, combing your hair with the non-dominant hand. Which means if you are a lefty, try to use your right hand. If you are the right handed person, use your left hand. This strategy helps to develop a new connection between the two hemispheres of your brain.