Posted on: 3rd Sep 2020

How To Improve Your Communication Skills

Have you ever heard Steve Jobs delivering a speech? Did you notice how the audience is mesmerized by his speaking? Would you like to have the same level of communication skills, here are a few tips on how to improve your communication skills. Let’s begin with writing your speech while writing your speech try not to copy-paste the content, but rather add lines of your own. This helps you to express yourself better, to convey your point more efficiently, and to learn your speech easily.

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Now that our content is ready to let’s move on to the main part the talking. According to public speakers, the first 30 seconds are the decisive seconds of your speech. Public speakers always make their first 30 seconds interesting, hilarious, or start with a question; this engrosses the audience in your speech. If your first 30 seconds have grabbed the concentration of the audience it is highly likely that they will be attentive during your whole speech. Make sure to have eye contact with your audience, this makes the audience feel more involved and it is also a sign of confidence.

Don’t just look in front while speaking: look to your left and right and make eye contact with your audience at your side. Express yourself with body gestures, move your hands while expressing a point. These should be used for special occasions as adding too many gestures are unnecessary. Never stand in one place while communicating with your audience. During transactions from one point to another move towards your sides and similarly while expressing another point move towards your other side. This added up with your eye contact makes the audience be involved and attentive. The next tip that comes in handy is the pace and volumes of your speech.

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While communicating you may or may not have a mike, if you have a mike you need not worry about the volume of your voice. But there will be times when a mike will not be available so keep your volume high, so that the audience beginning from the front row to the last row may where all your speech. If your voice is low, or your speaking too fast or too slow the audience will not understand, and it is highly likely that because of this they will lose your attention. Another important factor that contributes to your communication skills is voice modulation.  Your voice must vary. Try not to speak in a continuous tone.

For example, while laying emphasis on a point your voice pitch should be higher than normal, this also acts as another attention seeker.  One of the most important tips on how to improve communication skills is your pronunciation and grammar. In public speaking competitions, grammar and pronunciation play an important role. This shows your knowledge about the language. Lastly to be a good speaker you must be a good listener. Make sure to listen attentively and to pay attention when someone is speaking. As much as you want others to listen to you, they too want an attentive audience. I hope now you know how to improve communication skills and master the art of public speaking.