Posted on: 15th Aug 2020

How To Earn Money Online

There are various part-time online jobs that can pay you an extra income. Majority of people are looking for jobs that can be done in their extra time. Below mentioned are some online jobs that can get you to get you some instant cash:

  1. Part-time blogging: it is one of the most highly paid online jobs. Many students, housewives, and part-time seeker make good money in the range of RS 10,000 to RS 50,000. Blogging is basically creating your own website and writing your daily experiences, sharing your knowledge, and anything that can benefit others. When people visit your blog, you make money. It’s a good way for how you can earn money online.
  2. Part-time ad clicking job: one of the jobs that top the list and is the easiest way to make money is a part-time ad clicking job. Let me give you a brief description of it. What you can do is, you can earn money by simply clicking the ads and viewing the ad for 15 to 30 seconds. It doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to work daily on these sites.

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  1. Online surveys: what you can do here is you have to give your opinion about a number of products and services. These surveys are quite important for businesses who want to know the taste and interest of their potential customers. From the comfort of your home, you can take up these online surveys and learn an easy way on how to earn money online.
  2. Online tutoring: with the facility of online video chats, you can earn a good amount of money by tutoring students online. In addition to online tutoring, you can also provide consultancy services. An online tutor earns somewhere around 40,000 RS per month. This is an effective way as to how to earn money online.
  3. Content writer: if writing is your passion and you love writing, this could be the best way to earn online money for you. All you need to find are people you are looking for content writers for their blogs and people having small businesses in your area. If you are successful in writing, you can make a good amount of money with this online job.
  4. Get paid to play games: you might laugh and chuckle, but it is true that you can play games while you earn from it. What happens is, when a gaming company launches a new game, they provide opportunities for people to earn as game testers for testing purposes. There are also websites that give rewards to play games.
  5. Become a captcha solver: everyone knows captcha; it is an image that we see at the time of creating an e-mail. It is a way to control SPAM. Softwares cannot read this message. So, a captcha solver is required. Companies pay a small amount to solve 1000 captchas, but if your typing speed is good you can solve 100 captchas in just one to two hours. It is a low paid online job, but you can still make money out of it.