Posted on: 26th Aug 2020

How To Create Impressive Resume

I remember being a member of a recruitment team while working for a multinational company in Dubai, I came across a resume which was one of the most creative representation of one’s personality and experiences. We as a team were looking for a graphic design artist when we came across this graphically designed resume of Mr. Ravichandran, which was a PowerPoint presentation. He started with his local details and education information, as he was from the state of Kerala, and his resume had a world map on the background, so it opened up in Kerala explaining his education and personal details with banana trees popping up along with backwater backgrounds.

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From there a plane animation takes you to Dubai, with all the popular buildings popping in the background explaining his professional experience in Dubai. We all were so impressed with this person, that we recruited him immediately. So you see what importance a resume holds. Yes, we all cannot make such a graphically brilliant resume but one should definitely know how to create an impressive resume. A good resume can take you places and increase your chance of possibilities, whereas a resume that is difficult to understand, full of mistakes and with things which are not relevant to it, finds its place in the trash.

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Here are some suggestions on how to create an impressive resume. Your name has to be on the top left-hand side, below that your phone; contact and email address should be mentioned. On the top right-hand side, a passport size picture should be pasted or scanned. Start with two to three lines what you aspire and what is your objective in life... Below that comes to your professional experience starting from the present job to the last job. You have to mention what post you were working at the duration of your term, and what were your job responsibilities. In case if you did something to make a change, or introduced something that benefited the company, it's always advisable to mention that.

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Many companies want to know if you have that “THE” factor in you to take responsibilities, problem-solving skills, and are you imaginative and creative at the same time. Next, in line come your educational details. Never forget to mention the training you have attended your college and professional level and how did that benefits you. Gently mention all the awards, certificates you have achieved in your professional career. Then comes the personal details section, this requires your age, address. Against the reference column, you could mention “available on request”. You can also mention if you have a driving license.

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Also mention how many languages you know and at what level you know the spoken, written, and reading part of it. Volunteering works doesn’t pay, but it looks very attractive on your resume. List your extra circular activities. Using a good font is always advisable. Put crisp information, what I mean is too much information pouring on the resume sometimes makes it a bit boring for the recruiter. Always use polished language. I hope with all the above tips you would definitely by now know how to create an impressive resume.