Posted on: 15th Jul 2020

How To Fill Online Application Form

We live in a digital era. Technology posses many advantages which make our lives easier. The advantage that tops the charts is going paperless; this makes sense and is time-saving. One of these includes applying online, whether it is for a scholarship, an entrance exam, admission in colleges or job. It is beneficial for the organizers as well as the participants. Online forms are easily accessible and make it flexible for the participant to make amendments and addendums. Filling online forms are easy yet can be tricky at times... Different forms require different information details... yet some information remains common. I would suggest keeping the below mentioned always ready up your sleeve while filling online forms:

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Always keep a valid copy of your passport and Aadhar card along with your passport size photograph ready and scanned. You might need to upload it to your form. A valid email ID is always important as it helps in protecting your email sender score, maximizing the efficiency of your email program and helping for future correspondence.  
In case you are filling an online form for a job vacancy, after mentioning all the above, you will have to put in your work details starting from current job to the oldest one. Remember online application forms reach a wider audience. So it is essential to put in the details of your job description.

Chose words carefully. I always suggest applicants be honest while mentioning your job responsibilities. Honesty is a big virtue, which is always appreciated. Specifics are better than bold claims. Use your natural voice, aiming to maintain a balance between your conversational and professional. Next important thing that I have learned in my professional career is to always mention your achievements in the column that asks additional information about you; it surely gives the applicant an edge above others. In case you come across a column which asks you to write something about you, use positive words to describe yourself. Put together correct sentences to describe yourself, like I have a vision for success, I am a positive self-starter, seek to inspire trust, so you can build trust with the company, don’t ramble.

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While filling the online application form for an entrance exam, you will be asked to fill in the general details which I have mentioned above. You will be required to fill in your complete academic details. Make sure it matches your mark sheets and exact information is mentioned. In case an additional information column is mentioned, here you can briefly describe your achievements and if you have attended any training. How did your attribute contribute to those accomplishments? Another important thing to do is to check the fee payment details if applicable along with the mode of payment. 

Last but not least do not forget to print your application for future references. I hope following these tips, you will now be able to fill in any kind of online application forms easily... so be bold, stay strong and keep trying. Nothing happens to you, it happens for you..the best is just on the other hand waiting for you...

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