Posted on: 18th Jul 2020

How do Toppers Study

India is a country having millions of students who put their heart and soul and study for competitive exams every year. Have you ever wondered why some students become toppers while others remain average? Both are doing the same kind of hard work, but what makes the difference. So how do toppers Study? After talking to a number of students and observing them, these were a few things that most of the toppers were doing. Today I will be sharing these tips and techniques with you. I am sure that by the end of this article you will be able to do so much better with your learning skills and techniques.

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The first key to a topper’s success is early preparation. An early start gives an edge to the topper. As they say, the early bird catches the worm. But it is never too late to start. Planning is very important; always keep in mind the topics to be studied. Here’s how toppers study...Toppers make daily goals for themselves so that they do not get distracted. Having a clear goal in mind regarding months, days and hours help you maintain time management. This creates a balanced schedule of your studies and you can give good quality time to your studies.

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Opportunities don’t happen you create them. A successful person is an average man with a laser-like focus. There is no secret to success. It is the result of hard work and preparation...

Being a topper is not easy. But one virtue that all the topper follow is self-discipline, which always brings good results. No one can do it for you, except yourself. You must discipline yourself. Attending all the lectures of all the chapters in your class must be taken seriously. 70% of the learning is done during the classroom session, which makes so much easier for you during examination time.

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One main aspect of how do toppers study is reading smart reading materials. Reading limited but quality material helps you to build a strong base for yourself. Topper's minds are always buzzing with question and doubts. An inquisitive mind is a sign of an active brain. So don’t let them pass away. Always clear them with your teacher or tutor.

Toppers understand more and memorize less, which makes them stand out among other students. Mugging up equations and formulas will not take you a long way. You cannot memorize every solution to a specific problem. Learn not for exams, but knowledge. Do it the topper way; understand more then you memorize. Toppers continuously improve themselves by self analyses so that they keep on moving to achieve their goal.

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One of the keys to cracking an exam is to understand its pattern. Most of the entrance exams do not change the standard of their question paper pattern. A topper always believes in himself; this is one of the most important habits of a topper. Self-motivation gives a big boast and encourages you to do your best.

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Last but not least, toppers know this concept that all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. The monotonous study might end up in losing interest which is highly desirable. After hard weeks of study, don’t refrain from enjoying yourself; however, don’t forget to keep a check on everything.